Welcome to the wonderful world of
Olympic Terra Superfoods!

Welcome to the wonderful world of Olympic Terra Superfoods!

Α family-owned company, born in Greece of the crisis, believing in entrepreneurship and restart abandoned primary agricultural sector.

Our goal is to create premium products with Healthy features that challenge all five senses. The experience begins as soon as you open the jar and let the delicate scent overwhelm you and charm you. And that … is only the beginning! Following is a special ritual that will take off the flavor and become your favorite habit!


Our Company combines the fruits of biological Aronia – Chokeberry produces Ilia in Kyllini bay with organic raw materials Greek identity and Mediterranean character.

The goal is for its products to stand out for their unique Tasty characteristics and for their Healthy Orientation.

All products are Preservative, Gluten Free suitable for Vegans & Vegetarians consumers


Olympic Terra Superfoods

Your Aronia / Chokeberry

The most powerful antioxidant in nature. Berries very rich in nutrients and therapeutics,
high in polyphenols and beneficial antioxidants, eliminating radioactive elements from the body.

The Aronia fruit is described as the “raspberry of youth”.

Aronia / Chokeberry “the fruit of youth”

One of nature’s most precious gifts, Aronia Melanocarpa or Chokeberry is a deciduous shrub that is 1-3 meters high and belongs to the Berry’s family and falls into the category of natural Superfoods because of its high nutritional value. It is one of the first places on the international scale of nature herbs for us.

Nutritional Value / Superfoods

Aronia / Chokeberry fruits are rich in nutrients and therapeutics with a high content of polyphenols and antioxidants that work beneficial, eliminating all the radioactive elements present in the body.

Health Benefits

The Aronia / Chokeberry considered kind valuable for its medicinal properties, due to high content of essential polyphenols. Its fruits are particularly rich in anthocyanins, which cleanse the body of the harmful free radicals responsible for many diseases.