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Our Vision

The Olympic Terra Superfoods is a family-owned company and was born in Greece of the crisis, believing in entrepreneurship and restart abandoned primary agricultural sector.

The Olympic Terra Superfoods created to offer a range of Premium quality and nutritional value. It combines the aronia of organic farming withvirgin materials of Greek identity and Mediterranean character, making its products stand out for their unique taste characteristics as well as their healthy orientation.

Our goal is the creation and disposal of products in the Greek market but also in overseas markets, offering competitive advantage to all parties involved in the production, processing, supply and distribution, while our big dream is products Olympic Terra Superfoods to substitute for imports that have already begun to appear in Greece.

Our vision is to create Natural Products – Healthy Superfoods and to offer a range of Premium & Luxury high quality and nutritional products based on aronia in combination with other ingredients of Greek identity, which will stand out for their unique taste and for their healthy orientation.

The Estate – Partnerships

As early as 2017 we have started the pilot cultivation of biological aronia initially in 4 acres, owning a total area of ​​20 acres in the community of Kyllini. This is an area in Kyllini bay, which is located just 600 meters from the sea and has the appropriate soil and climatic conditions for plant development.

At our farm we grow organic, selected plants Aronismelanokarpis variety Viking and our goal in the near future is to develop farming in the total area.

The organic farming is developed according to international standards in compliance with all standards and protocols which preceded modern farming regulations Superfoods and the supervising of international organization certification.

The Olympic Terra Superfoods has developed a wide range of partnerships with the aim always to deliver the perfect result in both the cultivation of Aroni and production of products available on the market.

Our network of partners consists of food technologists with international experience and long history in domestic and multinational companies and the specialized food industry, which are produced and packed all our products using the latest scientific protocols, accompanied from  international certifications proposed by modern food regulations .

In addition we work with Greek certified producers and cooperatives to supply fresh fruits, vegetables and fruits that enrich our products.

The lifetime partnerships, ensure excellent quality of raw materials andproducts under the most ideal processing conditions, which resets any possible losses and contribute to the creation of products with nutritional and healthy orientation.

The production of our products is carried out in an environment with fully controlled temperature and pressure processes in order to achieve the ideal quality, healthy and tasty result, without preservatives.

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